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Sunshine parent and staff member shares her story.

Throughout the year, the Sunshine School team has remained dedicated to providing therapy, education, and support to our students, even while addressing the struggles this year has brought to our own lives and families. I would like to tell you about one of my colleagues, Mary, an essential worker who has weathered this year with great resiliency.

Mary is a single mother of three young children and a tireless worker and champion for her preschool students. In March, before school closed and transitioned to virtual learning, Mary’s family needed to strictly quarantine to protect her youngest child with respiratory problems and her middle child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

During the time Sunshine School was closed, Mary not only had to take care of her family and her kids, but she continued to work remotely. Like all our teachers, Mary had Zoom meetings with her students to create some sense of normalcy and keep a connection with them. “It was a lot of work, but I knew how important the structure and consistency was for my students. I wanted to see them continue to grow and reach their goals, even though we couldn’t be together. Through it all, the staff worked harder than ever to achieve that for our students.”

Mary is back to work now as an administrative assistant for our preschool. This new role gives her an opportunity to see students each day but in a lower-contact job in hopes of keeping her own children healthy. Prioritizing the health needs of her family and pursuing the best interests of her students hasn’t been easy, but Mary has shown incredible resilience.

Your partnership has allowed Mary and all of our teachers, therapists, and staff to continually provide exceptional services to our students – students like Benjamin, and his sister Mila, who are back in the classroom and thriving!

Sarah Pollack

Director of Philanthropy, Sunshine School & Development Center



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