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Two students make amazing progress despite COVID-19 closures.

When we temporarily closed our doors in March, Benjamin and Mila both shifted to receiving remote services. Their days were filled with Zoom classes with their teachers – singing songs and reading stories – and teletherapy sessions. “It was really hard,” their mom, Linh, shared. “We had 14 sessions of therapy each week, so it was a lot. But I’m thankful Benjamin and Mila were able to continue their therapy sessions and for all of the help from their therapists.”

Benjamin’s therapists saw him gain so many new skills while he was receiving teletherapy. “Having therapy at home helped Ben and his family to connect therapy goals to other areas of his life”, Jennifer, Ben’s OT, shared. Because of the work Benjamin and his family did in teletherapy, Jennifer has not seen any regressions now that we’ve re-opened. “We have been able to jump right back into therapy and have seen him continue to get stronger and more independent each day.”

“Mila is loving being back in the classroom – she has picked right back up like we were never closed,” shares Elizabeth, Mila’s Early Childhood Developmental Supervisor. She loves being with her friends, and is growing more and more social each week, developing her communication skills and playing with her classmates.

Thanks to your support, Benjamin and Mila are one step closer to being ready for Kindergarten. “As a mom, I cannot thank the Sunshine School enough for taking their time and effort in helping my kids every day. We have seen tremendous progress with Mila and Benjamin and we are beyond thankful.” Your investment in our mission has made their progress possible!

I invite you to partner with us as we enter 2021. Your gift makes it possible for our resilient team to give our students the structure and consistency they need to thrive.

Imagine the difference you will continue to make for Benjamin, Mila, and their classmates by partnering with us. Your investment in our mission today means a brighter future for our students tomorrow. Will you make your gift today?

Sarah Pollack

Director of Philanthropy, Sunshine School & Development Center



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