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Sunshine School celebrates the successful transition of graduates

As the school year comes to a close, we celebrate our students’ successes and milestones during their time at Sunshine School.

Sunshine School is here to help with every step of the transition process, as it can be overwhelming for many families. The public-school districts meet with families to set up evaluations along with Northwest Arkansas Educational Cooperative to determine their child’s needs going forward. Sunshine School assists in setting up these evaluations at our center to allow students to be in a familiar setting during the process.

After evaluations and testing, the school districts and caregivers meet with the student’s new school to discuss results and form a plan to meet their needs. For a more successful transition, Sunshine School teachers, therapists, and Early Childhood Development Supervisors work together and often meet with the district.

Our staff loves to be a part of our students’ journeys during their crucial early years of growth and development as well as advocating for students and their families to succeed in their futures. We celebrate our 20 recent ABC graduates, as well as over 16 students expected to graduate from Early Intervention Day Treatment this August. While we will miss our students, we are honored to have served them and are eager to welcome new ones into our classrooms next year.


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