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Camp Sunshine launches to provide summer education services to Sunshine alumni and their families.

As an organization, Sunshine School aims to set up our students for success before entering the public school system. When a child graduates from Sunshine School, it can be difficult for families to find summer care, especially care that focuses on their education and therapy. Sunshine School wanted to create a program that allows us to offer support and shatter those limitations that are in place.

We are excited to launch a new summer program this year: Camp Sunshine! The goal of this camp is to continue being a source of support for our Sunshine families by providing a structured, engaging therapeutic program to bridge the gap between school years for students.

Our team has worked hard at planning this program to serve eight Sunshine School graduates between kindergarten and 3rd grade. Camp Sunshine kicks off this month, and we are excited to grow our camp for the summers to come. We look forward to seeing familiar faces return to the program as we continue serving our families and encouraging the continued growth of our students.


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