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Our Supportive Living program empowers people of all ages.

This past year has been incredibly challenging for all of us. For our Community Support client, Donald, he was no exception. He endured family hardships, but he still came out on top with the most contagious smile. Donald was able to move into his first apartment that he was able to take part in choosing. This has been an adjustment, but with the help of Sunshine School’s Community Support department, he has been able to be more independent than ever.

Our staff works with all Sunshine School’s new values, but empowerment is just one focused on, by fostering the power of teamwork to make decisions and take action. Empowering individuals like Donald is crucial to creating independence.

With the help of Direct Support Professionals, Donald can complete household tasks, go grocery shopping, and prepare meals. Donald is now able to regularly participate in activities such as bowling, men's night out, bible study, and Sunday morning church. He has been able to make decisions for himself, which is a newfound freedom. Donald can make choices such as what activities he wants to take part in, what he prefers for dinner, and what daily routine works best for his needs.

Empowering Donald to live his life as independently as possible has been nothing short of an amazing journey. Donald’s outstanding team of staff adore him and are excited to see him blossom into an independent young man. He now has more opportunities he can see opening that he has never seen before.


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