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Enrollment staring at 12 Months - Act Early!

Sunshine School is excited to be expanding our services by now enrolling children starting at 12 months of age in our Early Intervention Day Treatment (EIDT) program! Research shows that the connections in a baby’s brain are most adaptable during their first three years of life. Developmental delays, learning disorders, and behavioral and social-emotional problems affect an estimated 1 in every 6 children, making early intervention so important. These services may reduce the need for specialized instructional support during a child’s school year, and can empower families to help their child reach their true potential.

Myka is one of our many students who is thriving because of early intervention. Her mom, Kalisa, shared with us, “We know that having a child with special needs can be overwhelming at first, but early intervention is key and makes such a difference. Myka has progressed significantly since we arrived at Sunshine School. She is beginning to use words and signs to communicate, has medical equipment of her own to help aid her walking and standing, and is showing interest in self-feeding, just to name a few”. We are proud of Myka and the progress she has made, and cannot wait to see her continue to reach her fullest potential.


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