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Thanking classroom sponsor, Shurtape Technologies.

Mission Partners at Sunshine School help to sustain our programing year-round by supporting different departments. One of our 2020 Mission Partners is Shurtape Technologies, a Classroom Sponsor. The support that Shurtape gives provides needed support for our preschool classrooms, providing for things like classroom toys and art supplies, teacher training, and testing materials. Shurtape’s support is spearheaded by Sonoer Senlikci, VP of Sales, who is a former Sunshine School board member. “Shurtape has been a supporter of Sunshine School for a long time,” he shared. “We are so proud of what the team there does every day – genuinely living up to their commitment – helping individuals to reach their full potential. My wife and I also personally support the school, and we know the impact the Sunshine team makes each day. It is more important now than ever!”

Shurtape also is always quick to supply tape when we need it – whether it is for the office, classrooms, or art projects, we can always count on them to help!

Thank you, Shurtape, for your years of partnership!


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