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“Making the distance shorter and isolation more bearable.”

Sunshine School is proud to be using telepractice to continue to provide services to the children and families we serve while we are closed.

Parent consultation is a practice we are using to connect our therapists with a child's parent to provide techniques they can use with their child to continue working on therapy goals in their home environment. Teletherapy is a practice for qualifying children to continue to receive their individualized therapy via Zoom with participation from their parents. By training our therapists and launching teletherapy services, our team will be able to provide over 144 hours of therapy services each week.

One of our speech-language pathologists, Jason, has a unique perspective on both practicing teletherapy and on being a parent of a child using teletherapy services:

“I absolutely love teletherapy; It was a part of the first practice I worked with right out of graduate school. The opportunity for Sunshine School to provide this service is vital to the children and families we serve.

As a parent of a child with Autism who attends Sunshine School, the ability to work online with his occupational and physical therapists is incredible, and puts me at ease knowing he is getting the therapies he needs during this time of isolation and distancing. With teletherapy it makes that distance much shorter and the isolation much more bearable. I know providing these therapies will help reduce any possible regression a child might have during this extended break from physical school attendance.

I just had back to back sessions with my son and his PT and OT this morning. I have very limited knowledge of what my son does in OT and PT; to be a participant in providing these services was wonderful. It can be intimidating not knowing what to expect as a parent, but the therapists provided excellent instructions, encouragement, and feedback for both me and my son.”


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