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Assisting with new daily routines for clients.

We are doing our best to serve our clients and to sustain our staff through this pandemic. During this unprecedented time, we are thankful for our amazing community of supporters who are deeply committed to our work and mission. Because of their partnership, many of our staff have been able to stay in the field to protect our adult clients who would otherwise be isolated in their homes.

Our dedicated Community Support staff have done their best to help their clients find new daily routines. One of our clients, Colin, is enjoying a new daily "homeschool schedule.” He has a set structure and is working on completing household tasks like laundry with his staff's help. His reward is to go through 7 Brew drive thru and get a smoothie. He also enjoys riding his go-kart in his neighborhood. Colin and his staff are finding ways to make the best of this challenging time.

Another client, Bradley finds comfort in continuing some of his routines. While the building is empty, he continues to do the laundry for our classrooms, so that when teachers and children return things will be clean. He still loves to ride his bike and walk with his staff, part of his normal routine.

Disability advocates have said that social isolation is not a new experience for people with developmental disabilities. Thankfully, our Community Support staff continue to work with our clients so they don’t have to face this alone and they can continue to have the support and supplies they need.

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