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Providing all students with an exemplary preschool experience.

Our Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) Program has been growing and evolving for the past 30 years. This state-funded program meets the diverse needs of individual students in a positive and safe environment while preparing them for academic success, productive citizenship, and life-long learning.

Today, we have 41 students enrolled in our ABC Program. Students qualify for ABC based on developmental and socioeconomic risk factors.

This August, Glorie Oxford began serving as the new Arkansas Better Chance/Parents as Teachers Manager. Glorie has been at Sunshine School since 2015, starting as an assistant teacher in the ABC program. In her new role, Glorie is helping implement new curriculums into our ABC classes.

One new curriculum the ABC preschool students are following is the Windy Wise Program, a food curriculum to promote healthy food attitudes. The toddler classes focus on social and emotional work, which help students transition into a routine, interacting with other children and adults, and being away from parents.

As the students mature, they focus more on reading and writing. The Pre-K Rise Program has recently been piloted to teach reading. Most public schools in the NWA area follow this program, which will allow a smooth transition to public school and give our students a head start to the curriculum.

Glorie and our ABC staff continue to work on new ways to make sure each child has everything they need to succeed.

“Our future goal for the program is working on new programs,” Glorie said. “This will help us integrate our students into public schools a lot better.”


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