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Special Needs Athletic Program


The Special Needs Athletic Program, or SNAP, as it is known by those involved, is a very well oiled machine of an organization. Not only are fundamental basics of sports learned, with that comes the understanding of the importance of listening, learning and then applying instruction. President Mark Stave recalls a time after a game when a lady came up to him and gave him a big hug with tears in her eyes. She beamed, “Thank you for teaching my son to run! He has never run like that before.” Janiece is the mother of one of the SNAP athletes and she’s forever grateful for the positive impact the program has had in her son, Weston’s, life.

“Fulfilling” is a common word that is used by many that are involved with SNAP. Several direct support professionals (DSPs) from the Sunshine School & Development Center have gone from just being spectators to being more involved with coaching. They have integrated working hard with these athletes into the fabric of their own lives. They see the importance of serving in the community to make a positive difference in someone’s life. The time and energy invested by some of the staff from Sunshine School & Development Center have rendered beautiful results.

Nathan Wilson, one of our DSPs, noticed his client, Bradley, was having a hard time catching fly balls. After weeks of practice, Bradley caught a game-winning out. Everyone cheered and Bradley let out an excited squeal that Nathan had never heard before. Bradley talked about that single moment all season long. He has continued to catch many more balls ever since.

In SNAP, athletes learn from defeats and celebrate victories. A moment remembered by all is when they won the gold medal at the state

competition and all gathered on the victor’s podium in the pouring rain.

We invite you to come and see greatness on display. Whether it’s bowling on a Wednesday or softball on a Thursday night, all are welcome to attend and cheer on our amazing athletes. For more information and a schedule of events you can go to the website



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