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Mission Partner Spotlight


We are always grateful for partners who join us in the mission at Sunshine School. Without community partners, our work with our students, clients, and families wouldn’t be possible! Sunshine School is extremely lucky to be in such a generous community and to have mission partnerships with companies who support our work.

Acosta is a long-standing, wonderful mission partner of Sunshine School. They have been supporting us for years by sponsoring events, holding donation drives in their office, and volunteering for both program events and for projects at the school.

We can always count on them to help where needed - whether it is helping to collect school supplies for our preschool, painting offices, or handing out candy at our Halloween parade, Acosta employees are ready and willing to make an impact!

Jim Daniels, EVP Walmart & Sam's Club, is a Sunshine School board member. We are thankful for Jim's leadership, both on the board and at Acosta, which he uses to emphasize the importance of community involvement to his team. Thank you, Jim and Acosta for choosing to partner with Sunshine School!

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