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Jo Soderquist was a long-time friend of Sunshine School, serving as a board member from 2001 - 2010, and as a supporter for over twenty years. Beginning with her first gift in 1994, Jo gave over $1 Million in gifts. Her philanthropic philosophy, that it is not always how much you give but rather that you give, was evident by the series of meaningful gifts that she made of time and treasure which added up to make an enormous impact at Sunshine School.

We invite you to follow in Jo’s footsteps and become a member of the Jo Soderquist Philanthropy Society. Like Jo, you can be a philanthropist by making a meaningful gift to create your lasting impact on Sunshine School. Your annual gift will help to sustain the programs and services offered and will allow Sunshine School to continue to provide excellence and innovation through therapy, education, and support to the Northwest Arkansas community.

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