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A Letter From Our Board President

Dear Friends,

In 2018 we celebrated 60 years of rich history! When you look back on all that has been accomplished in that amount of time, it’s amazing. Children and adults have become thriving members of our community and Sunshine School & Development Center has been a vital part of their journeys.

My personal past with Sunshine School is because of my daughter, Piper Josie. She started at the center when she was 18 months old. She couldn’t crawl, she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t talk and she couldn’t even drink from a cup or a bottle. In her time there, she learned to do all of those things and so much more!

Today, Piper is a thriving first grader in public school. She is transitioning out of her special education classes and being moved to mainstream classes. Piper can read, she is getting better at writing, she can dictate stories she creates on her own and she is learning to add and subtract. Her favorite thing at school is coding in STEM class.

On behalf of my family and the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for making miracles happen at Sunshine School for Piper and our other students and clients. With your support, Sunshine School has helped develop and enrich the lives of thousands, and with your continued partnership, the future looks bright.

In 2019, we will make more miracles happen in Northwest Arkansas. More children will learn to walk and talk. More adults will have the support services they need to reach their full potential. More students will graduate and go on to thrive and pursue their dreams. This bright future doesn’t happen without our community and your investment in Sunshine School. Thank you for being a difference maker as we embark on this new year.


Board President Sunshine School & Development Center


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