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Mission Partner Spotlight


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We are always grateful for community partners and organizations who join us in the mission at Sunshine School. We love when groups decide to make an impact with us!

We want to say thank you to two local businesses that we are grateful to call Mission Partners. CEO and Founder of Clear Choice Retail, Ted Fox, has been a long time Sunshine School supporter and advocate. He is President of our Ray of Sunshine Foundation Board and, combined with his time on our Board of Directors, has dedicated over a decade of service to Sunshine School. Ted is a champion of the Sunshine School vision and invests his time, energy, and relationships in the community to enrich lives.

Photo Courtesy of 3W Magazine

You can find Ted at all our Sunshine School events. He’s rappelled off the 8W Center twice at our Over the Edge event, he’s known to buy up the cupcake paintings at our annual Very Special Art Show, and you can find him at our Sunshine Gala connecting with people and sharing about his passion for philanthropy.

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We are so thankful for Ted’s generous partnership. Under his direction, Clear Choice Retail became our first Mission Partner in 2018 when they sponsored all of Sunshine School’s printed materials for the year. Now in 2019, they are partnering with us again and involving another treasured local business, Broadaway Printing in Downtown Rogers. We are excited to work with such great partners this year!

Want to learn more about Mission Partnerships? Click here.


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