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A message from CEO on Sunshine School's new Mission, Vision, and Values.

As we launch full throttle into 2022, we remain committed to maintaining the Sunshine School & Development Center’s happy, safe environment for students and adults to develop and grow. It’s truly a joy to lead this dedicated vanguard of teachers and staff in service to our students, clients, and families.

And I’m proud to present two 2022 Sunshine kick-off initiatives which reflect our enduring passion and enthusiasm for being the premier service provider in NWA.

First, we re-energized our Mission, Vision, and Values statements to be clear motivators for new growth and advancement, while shining a bright light on our People First focus.

Second, we developed a strategic plan which supports our Mission / Vision / Values and will guide our efforts over the next 18-months to grow services and outreach by achieving defined goals with measurable success.

As always, YOU are partners on this journey, and we value your faithful support as a partner to achieve our updated Mission: Shattering limitations to enable people touched by disability, serving their unique journey through advocacy, therapy, and education.

YOU are a key reason we will sustain the Vision: Be the premier service provider in NWA for people touched by disability.

And we need YOU to continue challenging and encouraging us to consistently live our Values:

Compassion – Celebrating and connecting with people through shared achievements and experiences.

Inclusion – Everyone has an opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Empowerment – Fostering the power of teamwork to make decisions and take action.

Collaboration – Generating a network of partnerships and services that values active participation.

Creativity – Crafting innovation and out of the box ideas that spark enthusiasm.

A favorite anonymous quote says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I’m thankful for all you do to help children and adults in our communities go far.

Wishing you happiness and health in 2022!

Jarrod Reeves



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