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Collaborative model working for students with autism.

The ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) program is up and running at the Sunshine School and we cannot be more excited about it! We are currently serving multiple children with Autism in a 1-to-1 setting working on communication, socialization, daily living skills, as well as behavior reduction. As the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, I have the joy and responsibility of leading our amazing ABA team that currently consists of five behavior technicians on-site.

A typical day for a child participating in ABA services includes spending portions of their time in the ABA room working on skills in both naturalistic as well as structured settings using different levels of prompting to help children repeatedly experience proper ways to communicate, socialize, identify items in their environment, functionally play with toys, share, take turns, and so much more. The other portion of a child’s time in an ABA session is spent in their classroom with the 1-to-1 guidance of the behavior technician to continue prompting through natural interactions and instructions as needed and praising the child when appropriate interactions occur. Our kids are growing each day! We are so grateful for your support in making this program possible at Sunshine School!

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