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Meet Aiden Carranza


At Sunshine School, we wish to serve every child in our community that we can, including the families of our staff. One child is Aiden Carranza, the nephew of one of our nurses, Irenne. Under our early intervention services, Aiden has been enabled to follow his own path and live his childhood to the fullest.

Aiden joined our early intervention services 2 years ago, when his family noticed him falling behind other children. After diagnosing him with global developmental delay and autism, we enrolled him into Early Intervention Day Treatment, where he joined a classroom with diverse needs, along with receiving multiple therapies, including physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy. With his speech therapist, Jason Nordstrom, he’s made spectacular progress. Whereas before he was unable to communicate with his family, he now reliably signals through both words and gestures, finding his voice and becoming independent.

Since his time here, Aiden has begun overcoming his hurdles. You can always find him happily singing and enjoying time with his family, especially his dad. He’s even grown an interest in making videos of his toy cars and imagining creatively with his new friends. We are excited to continue serving Aiden on his journey, and we hope to help others like him find their own voices, whatever unique form they may take.

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