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2019 Arkansas Children’s Week

Hands-in learning: exploring sand, water, mud, and more!

We love an opportunity to celebrate the children in our school! During this year’s Arkansas Children’s Week, April 8-12, we had a packed week of fun activities and dress up days to highlight our amazing Sunshine School students. This year’s theme focused on the benefits of “hands-in learning” and encouraged our teachers, therapists, and staff to participate in experiencial learning and play activities with our kids!

Early in the week, classrooms got to see and climb through two Little Flock Police Department vehicles. Later, classrooms had time with a therapy dog while two others had a messy “Mud Day” full of laugher and squeals of delight outside. If you came to the school later in the week you’d have seen plenty of crazy hair and silly socks or you might have seen a child with a mustache!

According to the Arkansas State University Chilhood Services, creative play and sand and mud activities awaken the senses! “Children actively investigate through touch, movement, and more. Sensory experiences can be both soothing and exciting, promoting concentration and focus."

ACW helped us celebrate our amazing students and the dedicated staff that help them reach their full potential!


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