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Thomas' Superman Story

As we approach the “Halloween” season, we are honored to get to share Thomas’ story. We have always joked that our son was named after superman – Thomas Clark Wilson. He was ‘Thomas Clark Kent’ for his first Halloween, prior to any medical issues, & he has truly lived up to the name.

Thomas was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of Epilepsy (Infantile Spasms) at 4 months old, which left him having over 100 seizures per day. Thomas started having low muscle tone & a regression in milestones. At 8 months old, he had a severe stroke (caused by blood clots from a seizure medication).

Thomas started attending Sunshine School right before he turned 2 years old. He wasn’t walking, talking, or eating and drinking without it being pureed or thickened.

One short year later, he is not only walking – but he is running. He is starting to learn how to chew, off thickened drinks, communicating through sign language and even says a few simple words. Thomas receives Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language & Speech Feeding therapy at Sunshine School and he would not be doing as well as he is today without their loving & caring staff.

The month of November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. When you see a ‘superman’ on October 31st, please remember Thomas the next day, and the 3.4 million people in the U.S. that are impacted by epilepsy.

Thank you for supporting Sunshine School, so our superman can not only survive, but thrive. We look forward to meeting you all on November 7th, at A Very Special Art Show 2019.

Natalie & Joseph Wilson

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