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Staff Anniversaries & Achievements

Spotlighting Excellence & Commitment

We want to thank those on our staff celebrating milestone anniversaries and awards this quarter! Thank you for your dedication to the families and individuals of Sunshine School & Development Center!


Denise Davis -15 years

Yordin Pineda - 16 years

Kim Olson - 17 years

Jill Kleinebreil - 25 years

Kathy Blevins - 27 years

Lou Jasper - 27 years

Dott Webb - 56 years

Quarterly Staff Awards

Dignity and Respect – Kim Scott

Pursuit of Excellence – LeNita Atkins

Integrity – Gipsye Robinson

Innovation – Elizabeth Duncan

Our Values

Respect the dignity of every individual.

Pursue excellence in all that we do.

Exhibit integrity through transparency and honor.

Practice innovation using the best practices and technology.

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