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Kindergarten Ready!

Celebrating Our Recent Graduates

As the leaves change and the temperature gets ever so slightly cooler, we are adjusting to changes in enrollment at Sunshine School. Over the last couple of months, we celebrated 62 children graduating from our preschool and advancing to Kindergarten! We certainly miss each and every one of their smiling faces, but we are so excited about their progress and continue to cheer them on as they adapt and thrive at their new schools. As we watch these children step into their futures, we welcome new children into or Arkansas Better Chance classrooms for the new school year and look forward to meeting the families that will enroll in the coming months and become part of the Sunshine School family.

“My oldest’s last week is this week. In the past year, he has completely excelled. To the point of testing out! My youngest still attends and I cannot imagine a better place for him to receive services. We love our “sunshine”, and truly believe it has changed our lives.”

- Kimberly Stevens

August 22, 2018, on Facebook

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen Paxton conquer more than we could have ever dreamed. The teachers, medical professionals, and staff celebrate our victories and walk side by side with us in our trials. We came in as strangers but as we move forward in Kindergarten we leave as part of the forever Sunshine family.”

- Amber Leonard

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