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New Classroom Opens the Door to Opportunity


2019 is full of exciting growth here at Sunshine School! We’ve opened a new preschool classroom and enrolled eight new students! CEO, Cyndi Bilyeu, says, “We are so excited that we are able to have the capacity to meet the needs of children in our community who require special education and therapies.” These eight new students now have access to all the therapy and special education services they need under one roof. “Some of the families had to travel to different locations to receive all the services that we can offer here in one place,” explains our Special Education manager, Karyn Walker, M.Ed.

For these eight new students, our nutrition program will now be serving an additional 80 meals and 40 afternoon snacks per week and 2 of the eight students will use transportation, For many of our new kids, this is their first time in a preschool classroom. One of our Early Childhood Development Specialist, Elizabeth Hagen, is excited about what this environment can do for these new students.

“After one week, we are already seeing progress with several of them. They are gaining independence in their self-care needs which is amazing in such a short amount of time. If they are already accomplishing so much in a week, I can’t wait to see where they will be in a year.”


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