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Nursing team and families making new connections.

When we started back to school, our nursing team implemented new drop-off and pick-up procedures for students and families. Families now drop students off at the front doors and complete health screenings and temperature checks with our nurses before staring the school day. These precautions have helped us to keep our students and staff safe and healthy, and an unexpected benefit has been the connections between our nursing team and families.

Sue Spear, our Nursing Manager, shared, “Completing health screenings on student car riders each morning has given nursing staff the opportunity to connect with students on a daily basis. It also gives the parents the chance to ask us questions they may not have called us about, but because of our availability, they don't hesitate. We can also use the time to complete any unfinished business with signatures on health care plans and diet plans. The nursing staff have enjoyed getting to know newer students more quickly. It is important to us that students feel welcomed and safe when they enter our building.”


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