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Helping students learn and grow at Sunshine School.

Sunshine School would not be where it is today without the efforts of our teachers and staff. With the challenges of the past year, the flexibility of our staff and their ability to push through struggles has been outstanding. We are thankful for our long-time staff members, such as Marjorie, a teacher in our Early Intervention Day Treatment program.

Each day, Marjorie helps her students learn and grow. Her daily class schedule begins outside on the playground followed by circle time, where she has lessons on days of the week, months of the year, weather and more. The class then eats breakfast, works on daily goals, goes over music and movement, eats lunch, takes a nap, and has a snack during playtime before students are picked up after a day full of learning.

Seeing real progress and the difference our programs make in the lives of students is Marjorie's favorite part of Sunshine School.

“You get to see how much they can grow just by being believed in and being worked with,” she said. “And how much progress they can make with the right help.”

Marjorie often thinks back to her first year working as an assistant teacher. A child came to the center, qualifying for all programs – she had trouble communicating, walking, and eating. After her time at Sunshine School, she can now speak full sentences, walk on surfaces inside and outside, and eat solid foods on her own.

“To me, she is what Sunshine School is all about because she went from being completely dependent on everyone to being an independent child that can do things on her own,” she said. “She got that from the help of Sunshine School. To me, that is why we are here. That child, she's why I stay.”

Sunshine School appreciates all that our amazing teachers like Marjorie do to continue our mission of developing and enriching the lives of individuals and families through therapy, education, and support.


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