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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Sunshine School & Development Center!

We are excited to enter this decade as we continue to partner with you to impact the lives of individuals and families through therapy, education and support. This last year brought many great things as we finished our 60th Year celebration, started our first Kindershine class and expanded our behavioral health services.

This year we will see those Kindershine students – and all of our other children – continue to thrive and grow, and many of them graduate.

We’ll see our Community Support friends continue to excel as they actively participate in community activities. As you will read on page 3, we have started both Men’s and Women’s groups and I’ve even heard a rumor our Men’s group is starting a band. I can’t wait to hear them perform!

We are also looking forward to our upcoming Sunshine Gala in April with a new beautiful venue, Osage House. One of Northwest Arkansas’ favorite events looks to be amazing once again. Mark your calendars for April 3 and join us for a night of fun and inspiration!

I’m continually proud of the dedication, compassion and professionalism that the staff at Sunshine School & Development Center demonstrate day in and day out. Your support allows this amazing staff to walk hand-in-hand with individuals and families as they create miracles and reach their full potential.

We look forward to sharing another year of special stories and impactful milestones!

Cyndi Bilyeu CEO, Sunshine School & Development Center

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