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Why I Volunteer at Sunshine School

An Interview with Kaelie McDonald

Kaelie McDonald is a volunteer in our Individual Volunteer Program. She’s been volunteering in our classrooms since December of last year. She currently dedicates 16 hours of her week to the students at Sunshine School! We asked her a few questions about her experience as a regular volunteer:

What kinds of things do you get to do when you are volunteering?

“While volunteering, I get to help the kids go to sleep at nap time, help them wash their hands before meals, etc. Most importantly though, I get to be a friend to all of the kids.”

What is something you love about volunteering at Sunshine School?

“Something I love about volunteering at Sunshine School is the friendly environment. I feel like everyone accepts me and appreciates that I choose to volunteer each week!”

What's it like working with the Sunshine School staff and students?

“With the staff, I feel as if they’ve all been very welcoming from when I very first started volunteering last year. The students are all very friendly even though they all face different challenges.”

Tell us a favorite story or interaction with a Sunshine School student.

“I love reading books with students! I love to see them tell stories of their own through reading books together.”

To learn more about our Individual Volunteer Program, contact our Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator at

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