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Sunshine School & Development Center is proud to offer a Preschool Enrichment Program (PEP). PEP is a sliding scale tuition program for children ages 3 to 5 years of age who are typically developing.

Children enrolled in PEP are placed in our EIDT therapeutic preschool classrooms alongside children who have been identified with a developmental delay or have been diagnosed with a disability.


Goals for the program include: offer high-quality preschool education, encourage “typically” developing children to serve as peer role models and teach children and families that our world is diverse and help cultivate compassion, leadership and an inclusive worldview. Classrooms are set up as “centers” where children have options of activities centered on themes/areas of development. We provide a 3-star Better Beginnings early childhood setting with class ratios that are smaller than typical early childhood center ratios.

Sunshine School’s PEP program highlights:


— A 3-star rating from Better Beginnings, Arkansas Division of Early Childhood Care.

— Our 3-5-year-old classrooms have 2 teachers and up to 14 students.

— Classrooms follow the principles set by the program “Conscious Discipline,” as it is our policy to use positive interventions with your child to help him/her learn, grow and make appropriate choices.

— Program runs on a traditional school calendar.

— Children who qualify for a specific therapy service can obtain services on-site during the school day.

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