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Parents As Teachers

Sunshine School & Development Center is proud to be an affiliate with the national Parents As Teachers (PAT) program. We have offered this program since 1993. It is an early learning program for families with children ages birth to 5 years of age. We use the PAT National Center’s curriculum, which is based on research that shows greater family involvement in a child’s learning is a critical link in the child’s development of academic skills, including reading and writing. Through this program, families receive personal visits from parent educators 1-2 times a month to provide them with knowledge, guidance and resources to prepare their child(ren) for a stronger start in life and greater school success. Parent Educators also provide group connection meetings each month for an opportunity to meet and network with other families in the PAT program and other programs in the community. Children in this program will also receive hearing and vison screenings from an audiologist and nurse, along with a developmental screening within 45 days of beginning the program.

Sunshine School’s PAT program highlights:

  • Program to help parents understand their role in encouraging their child’s development right from birth and helping them prepare the child(ren) for school and life success.

  • Personal visits 1-2 times a month from Parent Educators to provide knowledge, guidance and resources to prepare their child for success.

  • Group meetings to provide support and connections.

  • Children receive hearing and vision screenings from Sunshine School nurses.

  • Developmental Screenings are done in the first 45 days of beginning the program.

  • Family Maps are used to identify possible risk factors for the family and provide additional resources to improve their circumstances. Family Maps also allow for goal setting for each family.


For more information on our PAT program contact Jill Kleinebreil.

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