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A Kansas native, Jarrod worked in Adult Development Services as the CFO for 7 years before moving to Arkansas in 2003. He graduated from Kansas Newman University with a BS in Finance, but he wants others to know that he is a Jayhawk at heart after spending his early college days at the University of Kansas.


Jarrod spent the last 11 years in Product Development and Marketing before coming to Sunshine School as the Director of Finance and Accounting. He has served as our CEO since July 2020. 

He is a volunteer at heart and has enjoyed working with many nonprofits here in NWA. For the past decade, Jarrod has championed Sunshine School through volunteering, philanthropy efforts, and board service. Jarrod is proud to be part of the fantastic team at Sunshine School & Development Center and is amazed daily by the work we do. As a passionate advocate for children and adults with developmental disabilities, Jarrod works to serve many organizations in our community. 

Jarrod loves to spend his free time traveling - anywhere, any place, anytime.


As he looks forward to the continued advancement of the mission of our organization, Jarrod keeps in mind a famous anonymous quote that speaks to his philosophy in leadership and teamwork - “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

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